Self Storage Units


Moving to or from Bloomingdale, NJ area? View Rates or Reserve your self-storage unit today! B&T Self Storage is one of our premier storage facilities in Bloomingdale, NJ that offer clean, dry and secure self-storage units. We have multiple sized storage units for your personal storage needs.

Reserve your Storage Unit

You can NOW VIEW RATES / RESERVE ONLINE at B & T Self Storage, we are a full-service, fenced-in, 24 hour access facility with self storage units of all sizes. Instead of leasing more office space, reduce your business costs by renting a storage unit with us.

U-Haul Rentals made easy

Ready to MOVE?  After you reserve your self storage unit, if needed, you can reserve a truck rental on-line, get an instant price and set up a Self-Pick-Up / Self-Drop off process to move your items to B&t Self storage. 

Some Fun Facts about our facility?
Years in business
99 %
Positive feedback
24 hrs
Units accessible
Drive up units